What to do in Antalya? Things You Must Do.

Publication Date: 19/07/2021


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Used Cards;
By  obtaining a Müzekart , you can advantageously visit many sightseeing points in the city.
You can take advantage of municipal vehicles with Tellyakart, which you can use for urban transportation in Antalya .
City transportation; With the developed transportation network, your transportation in the city will be very comfortable. There are more than 800 routes and more than 70 bus lines, and all Antalyakart is valid for all vehicles. For tourists, the so-called disposable tickets are charged between 6.50 and 13 TL. The tram, called AntRay, is among the most frequently used vehicles. While it is 2 TL for adults, students can benefit by paying 1.20 TL.
Iconic sightseeing spots; Alara Han Museum, Kaleici, Sapadere Canyon, Düden and Manavgat Waterfalls, Suluada, Adrasan Bay and Santa Claus Church are just some of them.
Free Activities
1- Roam Freely In Kaleici!

Where is here? Kaleiçi, with multiple entrances surrounded by city walls, is both the historical center and the central point of Antalya. It has turned into a center of attraction in the middle of the city with its structures, castle and houses from the Ottoman period. Also known as Old Antalya, its foundation dates back to the Pergamon Kingdom period.
Why should I go? Old mansions with bay windows, balconies, courtyards and gardens have been repaired and are one of the rare settlements that have helped to revive tourism and preserve its cultural architectural texture. Kaleiçi, with its live performance venues, sweet cafes and restaurants, is the most colorful face of Antalya. It also provides accommodation with many boutique hotels and hostel options.
Don't miss out! Among the places you can see in the region; Hadrian's Gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Yivli Minaret, Cut Minaret, Antalya Toy Museum are just a few. You can buy handmade carpets and rugs, antiques, leather products, ceramic works and many things that have been turned into processed souvenirs from the sea. Moreover, you can buy gifts not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.
Location: 07100 Muratpasa/Antalya
2- Witness The Glory Of The Historical Clock Tower!

Where is here? The historical clock tower, which is one of the iconic structures in Antalya, is located in the Kalekapısı position on Cumhuriyet Street. The clock tower, built on the outer walls, was built on a pentagonal bastion with a smaller square plan. When it was first built, there is a magnificent dome resembling an onion head on the top and clocks are placed at all four points of the building. After the 1930s, after the renovation works, the dome was removed and five dendanais were added to each side of the roof.
There is no complete information about the date of construction and by whom it was built, and according to the assumptions, II. Since the construction of clock towers in Anatolia gained speed and became widespread with the decree sent by Abdülhamit on the construction of clock towers to the governors in the 25th year of his accession to the throne, this time period is taken as the basis.
Location: Barracks, Cumhuriyet Cd., 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya
3- Get Ready For A Hard Walk On The Lycian Way!

Where is here? Undoubtedly, one of the biggest factors behind the Lycian Way's prominence is that it is witnessing history. There are more than 100 historical cities on the road, which is known to have a history of more than 3 thousand years, and the most striking of these is the Teke Peninsula. Unfortunately, this region has experienced the negativity of losing its splendor by staying under the ground over time.
Especially after the 8th century, it started to lose its popularity gradually. However, it still continues to be known as the most famous walking path in our country. Do not waste any more time walking on this road, which contains both adventure, nature and historical factors!
At the end of your long journey on the road route, you will have a lot of information. If you want, you can complete this beautiful road with a bicycle. There are probably very few places where you can see fresh air, lots of greenery and history all together. Coming to Antalya and not taking a walk here will really make you miss a lot. Plus, you don't have to pay for all that stuff. As you can create your own walking route, if you are coming for the first time, I recommend you to proceed through the suggestions.
Location: Goynuk, 07994 Kemer/Antalya
4- Atatürk Culture Park Is Another At Sunset!

Where is here? One end of the park starts from the Antalya Vocational High School and the other end extends to Konyaaltı Beach. With the cliffs on one side and the unique beauty of the Mediterranean on the other, trees, resting areas, ponds and facilities, it is one of the things to do in Antalya. The park, which stretches for 4 kilometers, is worth walking, believe me. There are different cliffs and photo spots in the coastal part. With its walking tracks, paths reserved for bicycles, restaurants and cafes by the sea, this is a park where you can wander around at any time of the day. The only warning is that you are walking from one end to the other in about 2 hours.
Why should I go? Do not miss to visit the Antalya Museum, which is right in the middle of the road. In addition, Cam Piramit Sabancı Congress and Fair Center, which is the most modern Congress and Fair Center of our country, is located in this park. Notable events, concerts and exhibitions are held here almost every day of the year. The Golden Orange Film Festival, which also has an important prestige, is also held here. If you come across on your dates, be sure to go!
Don't miss out! When you arrive at Konyaaltı Beach, which is the end of the road, you will see Antalya Aquarium and Antalya Aqualand Dolphinland, one of the biggest water and amusement parks of Antalya, right next to it.
Location: Meltem, Beach Park No:18, 07030 Muratpasa/Antalya
5- It Is Impossible To See The Yivli Minaret, The First Islamic Artifact Of The City!

Where is here? The Yivli Minaret, which attracts a lot of attention from local and foreign tourists, is a must-see in Antalya. It is accepted as one of the first Islamic works of Anatolia with its history reaching from the 13th century to the present day. It is assumed that the minaret of the Yivli Mosque, located in Kalekapısı in Antalya, was built by Mehmed Bey to represent the Hamidoğulları. Today, it does not see its main function and is open to service directly as a museum. The fact that the complex is located in the central district offers advantages to its guests in terms of transportation.
Why should I go? The focus of the complex consists of the Yivli Mosque and the Ulu Mosque. In this respect, it is seen as the most famous work here. The pulley of the mosque, in which block cut stones were used, reflects its octagonal shape. Although the upper part was severely damaged after the fire in 1954, it was repaired in a short time and regained its old form. It is possible to reach the top of the mosque, which has a total length of 38 meters, by climbing 90 stairs. It is decorated with bricks and colored tiles on its body and is quite remarkable. The structure has 8 separate grooves. Their importance is important because they give the name of the work.
Yivli Minaret Complex and Its Sections;
Yivli Minaret Complex; It has an important advantage in terms of its location as it is the first building of the city in terms of Islam. The Kulliye does not only consist of the Yivli Mosque. The rooms of the Yıkık Madrasa, on the right of the complex, are rectangular and have largely survived today. Dedicated to Nigar Hatun, the mother of Şehzade Korkut, the Nigar Hatun Tomb draws attention with its hexagonal body and crushed stones. One of the important places is the Mevlevihane, which was built during the Seljuk period, and Tekeli Mehmet Pasha turned it into a mevlevihane in the 18th century.
Location: Selcuk, Iskele Cd., 07100 Muratpasa/Antalya
Phone: 0242 244 75 50

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